We aim to translating the growing evidence of precision medicine (PM) into high value medicine for the patients and the society. An important task of primary care givers or primary care professionals (PCP) is their responsibility for informing patients about the potential benefits of PM and communicating about the established risk of PM is involved. We aim for a strong cooperation between PCP and PM professionals through training PCPs to build a strong network delivering primary access to evidence-based PM including information for patients about PM.


Two upcoming needs are linked with our aims:

  1. PCP must be prepared for the upcoming applications
  2. PCP must be able to inform the patients about the existing PM services, including the existing uncertainty around it, so that informed-based decisions can be made

We will build a platform for training and exchange for the target groups and inform the development through applied research.

Project team

Prof. Idris Guessos, Geneva University Hospitals, UNIGE (Project head)
Prof. Jacques Cornuz, Unisanté/UNIL (Co-Applicant)
Prof. Gérard Waeber, CHUV/UNIL (Co-Applicant)
Prof. Sissel Guttormsen, IML, medical faculty, University of Bern (Co-Applicant)


Team IML

Sissel Guttormsen, Felix Schmitz, Sharon Mitchell, Daniela Schmid, Philippe Zimmermann

Project information

Running time: 07.2019 – 31.12.2021