We have contact with a large network of persons and organisations at home and abroad, who provide us with crucial impulses in terms of service, research and teaching. We develop together, and in part also research and publish together. As a contractor, we fulfil a broad range of tasks and services and see ourselves as a cooperation partner.

Cooperation leads to innovation, be it in terms of knowledge or the further development of instruments and tools. The aim is to derive added value for all cooperation partners involved. Service cooperation also takes the burden off organisations, allowing them to relinquish tasks. For this, trust between the project partners in terms of quality and secure processing is of vital importance.

Although every project is different, certain elements always remain the same. This is precisely where the role of an experienced partner comes in. We can draw on our experience and specialist competence in project management, quality assurance and implementation, and together with our partners seek the best way of realising efficient solutions for the individual situation and interests.

We are strongly committed to our long-standing partners in terms of creating shared value in various activities and projects. Our cooperation partners include