Clinical Skills Training

The The Department for Education and Media (AUM) is responsible for the organisation of the Clinical Skills Training CST in the third study year.


Clinical Skills Training (CST) is designed for students to acquire and consolidate general and specialist medical skills at the patient’s bedside. For instance, through CST, general history taking and examination techniques are imparted and practised. This occurs first also among the students themselves, and later with the patients in the participating departments and hospitals. The aims of the respective CSTs are laid down in the specific scripts and guidelines. Generally speaking, the book “Duale Reihe: Anamnese und klinische Untersuchung” [Dual series: History taking and clinical examination] by Fueßl and Middeke in its most recent edition is used as the standard for carrying out history taking and examination techniques. Deviating local Bernese standards are described in the scripts. All documents are provided on ILIAS (Campus account required) and are revised and updated on yearly basis.


Twice a year, a meeting takes place with the group leaders of the small groups in order to already identify problems in the current semester and to enable direct contact with the students. The results of the feedback are sent to the persons in charge of the CSTs. Where necessary, individual discussions are carried out with the persons responsible for the subject areas in order to improve teaching.

At the end of the CST there is a written evaluation. The results are assessed and the necessary steps are taken for quality assurance of the teaching.


The CSTs are assessed each January and June in the framework of an OSCE.