The Institute for Medical Education (IML) of the University of Bern, under the leadership of Prof. Sissel Guttormsen, has around 80 employees with a multinational and interdisciplinary composition. Our experts come from areas including medicine, social sciences, economics, technology and administration, and work closely with our partners to optimally fulfil contracts and services.

The institute combines experience and competence in teaching, assessment and development under one roof. With our interdisciplinary teams, we are able to provide comprehensive support for our clients and partners.

Since our foundation in the 1970s, we have led projects for the Federal Government, medical faculties and other external clients at home and abroad. Our employees have profound methodological and subject-based knowledge. Development and cooperation has led to innovation, be it in research or in new or further developments of a methodological, technical or material nature. We place value on quality and want to create sustainable, sound and workable solutions.

Areas of influence and offers

Our diverse service offer comprises, among other things: training programmes, workshops, continuing education programmes, teaching and learning support, learning media, evaluations, assessment for practical and written examinations as well as technological developments. Quality assurance, process optimisation and data security are our first priority. Prior to implementation, new developments are tested in multi-stage, secure steps on several levels. Technology is growing in importance in almost all areas. At the institute, employees from the areas of methodology and technology work hand in hand and are happy to advise you from idea to solution and implementation.