We optimize usability

We are usability experts and

  • support you in designing your products in a user-friendly and customer-oriented manner
  • play an active role, as part of the Institute of Medical Education (IML), in basic and contract research in the area of usability
  • carry out ergonomics and usability courses at Swiss universities and universities of applied science

The UX team works with you to define the usability goals for your product. Central to this are the factors of your environment. In expert evaluations, usability testing and user surveys, we elicit your goals, highlight discrepancies, and support you in achieving your objectives. In this respect, redesign is not merely a buzzword, but is rather often the logical consequence. The development of redesign suggestions and design concepts for screen and interaction is one of the core competences of UX.

Your added value

More user-friendly products, satisfied customers and savings on the expenditure side are just some of the advantages. Good usability is a worthwhile investment!


Usability is our passion. We approach new tasks with enthusiasm and derive pleasure from your customers’ satisfaction.

User Experience

We give your products user-oriented qualities – your customers will thank you for it. Our methods provide the appropriate analysis, conception and evaluation procedures.


Through Usability Consulting, we accompany you in project processes – and beyond. The earlier we are on board the better, as only in this way can we focus on the users and their needs from the very outset.


Dr. Philippe Zimmermann Unit director UX

+41 31 684 62 06
philippe.zimmermann (at) unibe.ch