What contribution has the Institute made to the development of medical teaching since its foundation?  What were the milestones? Who were the historic personalitie? How have the developments affected the training of doctors? Where does the Institute stand today?

From IAE to IAWF to IML

The Institute for Education and Examination Research (IAE) was founded in 1971, originally founded from the the Department of Education Research (AAF) created in 1969. In 1991 it was renamed the Institute for Education, Training and Continuing Education (IAWF) and in 2005 the Institute for Medical Education (IML). Read more

Impressions from the past

Impressions from today

Interview with Prof. Sissel Guttormsen (Uniaktuell, 2023/07/20)

Innovations for medical education created in Bern
The Institute for Medical Education (IML) at the University of Bern is over 50 years old, funded in 1971. As a national center of expertise, it carries out research on medical education and contributes to strengthen the quality of medical education internationally. An interview with its director, Sissel Guttormsen.


Production of an educational film under the direction of Prof. Hannes Pauli (1970)

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