Using the latest methods and technology, the Assessment and Evaluation Unit (AAE) carries out evaluations for private and academic clients. Evaluations allow to identify strengths and weaknesses of projects, programmes and services in order to improve their quality and use.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Evaluations of projects, services, programmes (e.g. entire modules or curricula) and teaching courses
  • Pilot evaluations to clarify measures, e.g. evaluations of newly introduced courses and modules
  • Qualitative and quantitative survey methods

We offer:

Planning and execution of evaluations:

  • Development of evaluation concepts (process consulting, methods consulting)
  • Development and reviewing of questionnaires, including formal and content-based revision of questions
  • Creation and importing of machine-readable questionnaires
  • Programming of online surveys, including electronic invitations

Analysis and recommendations:

  • Statistical evaluations
  • Interpretation of results, drafting of reports and advice regarding further steps