Evaluations make an important contribution to the identification of strengths and weaknesses of projects, programs or services, and they form the foundation upon which to improve quality and utility and to make strategic decisions.


  • carry out evaluations according to the state of the art of research
  •  draw on our longstanding wealth of experience
  • orient ourselves to the standards of the Swiss Evaluation Society SEVAL
  • place an emphasis on utility, methodological quality and feasibility
  • align ourselves to the needs of our clients

We offer you support in all steps of an evaluation. 

Our offer

We can provide you with a broad range of evaluation services:


  • Creation of the evaluation concept, including methodology
    • Clarification of the purposes and objects of evaluation
    • Definition of questions and evaluation criteria
    • Development of evaluation criteria
    • Selection of suitable methods
  • Advice on conception
    • Consideration of individual requirements and wishes


  • Development/selection of survey instruments
    • Development of questionnaires
    • Revision of questionnaires regarding content and form
    • Creation of online surveys and of machine-readable questionnaires
    • Validation of survey instruments
    • Development of guidelines for interviews and group discussions
  • Data collection and analysis
    • Online and paper-based surveys
    • Carrying out interviews and group discussions
    • Statistical and/or qualitative analysis
    • Document analyses
  • Interpretation and synthesis of data


  • Reports for various different target audiences
    • if desired, with recommendations for the respective target audiences
  • Advice regarding further steps
    • Support in interpreting the results in order to draw the greatest possible benefit from them
    • Support in implementing the recommendation
  • Support in publishing the results, if desired