The Examic Assessment Suite offers you practical electronic support for your written and oral examinations. Our applications are highly secure, reliable and user-friendly.

Examic offers you all of the necessary tools to manage written and oral examinations completely digitally, or also with paper support if desired.

A comprehensive assessment system

Written examinations

With Measured, you can prepare your written exams on your computer, conduct them on paper or tablets, and evaluate them electronically. The system contains all of the necessary tools for question and exam management, the implementation and monitoring of the exam, and the final evaluation of the exam.

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Oral and practical examinations

EOSCE® is a simple and efficient system for implementing practical exams (above all OSCEs) without having to resort to paper checklists. Exams with EOSCE® can be evaluated far more quickly and do not contain any missing or misleading data. The award-winning user friendliness and the high reliability of the software – even without an internet connection – have characterised EOSCE® for 6 years.

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