The department for Education and Media (AUM) at the IML regularly produces videos for student teaching. Thanks to this specific know-how, the IML is a valued partner in various projects, for instance in the realization of a basic course on sonography of the abdomen (ultrasound examination of the stomach area). 

The BIHAM (Bern Institute of Primary Health Care), together with various clinics at the Bern University Hospital and the group of Young Sonographers of the SGUM (Swiss Society for Ultrasound in Medicine), is creating this basic course, which is based on the blended learning method. The practical courses will be provided by peer tutors. In parallel, online learning modules will be developed for the purpose of preparation and repetition. The AUM will provide didactical advice for this project, and for the e-learning part will produce videos for a total of 12 modules.

The project is supported by the University of Bern as part of the Promotion of Innovative Teaching (FIL).


On the one hand, the course should enable all students to reach the learning goals defined in PROFILES (Principal Relevant Objectives and Framework for Integrative Learning and Education in Switzerland) (EPA 2u, SSP 167). On the other hand, interested students will be able to achieve the basic certificate of the SGUM.


Bern Institute of Primary Health Care  (lead project) 

Swiss Society for Ultrasound in Medicine

Institute for Medical Education (IML)
Giovanni Ferrieri
Dr. med. Ulrich Woermann, MME

Project information

Running time: Oct. 2017 – Dec. 2018