Compassionate behaviour towards oneself, towards the patient and drawing up a compassionate care-plan were the three main focuses of the «compassion training», targeting medical students in their final master year at the University of Bern.

The University of Bern supported the development, implementation and evaluation of the seminar through its Förderung Innovativer Lehre FIL grant. Open access funding provided by Inselspital Universitatsspital Bern. The project was awarded the «prize for innovative educational projects» by the Gesellschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung GMA.

Detailed project description published in Medical Education’s Really Good Stuff section. LINK / Article as PDF

Full citation: Felber, S. J., Lerch, S. P., Bauer, D., Liaudet, F., Eychmüller, S., & Lörwald, A. C. (2023). Compassion training: Towards a better understanding of patients through self-exposure. Medical education.