The Institute for Medical Education (IML) has a long history as a national competence centre. A look back shows that the close tie between teaching, assessment and practice in Bern is a model with tradition and an international reach.

From its foundation in 1971 as the “Institute of Training and Examination Research” IAE, its renaming as the “Institute of Further Education and Continuing Training” IAWF in 1991 and finally to the “Institute for Medical Education” IML in 1995 under the new director Prof. Dr. phil. S. Guttormsen, it has undergone constant development. As an institute of the Medical Faculty in Bern with a national function and a broad network, the IML seeks to continuously develop itself further as a competent partner for the diverse commissions and partners in collaboration with a broad network at home and abroad.

We make full use of our broad range of knowledge and competences for teaching and assessment. Located in the middle of Switzerland next to the Medical Faculty in Bern and close to the Inselspital, teaching, assessment, theory, clinic and practice are experienced at close quarters. We seek to strike the optimum balance between innovation, feasibility and quality. Together with our clients, we develop practicable solutions.