The complete solution for written exams

Do you want to design written exams efficiently and implement them using tablets? Or do you still prefer paper? Measured offers you a practical solution and supports you across the whole exam cycle.

Measured fulfils the highest quality requirements – also in our own exam practice. See for yourself, benefit from our experience!

Nine good reasons for using Measured

1 - Easy
As an exam coordinator, Measured® helps you keep the overview. As an author or a translator, simple, optimized processes make your task easier.

2 - Flexible
Deploy your exam on tablets (Android, iOS, Windows), desktops, laptops, paper, or all at once - the choice is yours.

3 - User-friendly
Our experts and developers are working hand in hand throughout all the development steps and the resulting tools are continually tested with real users in our own usability lab.

4 - Robust
Unexpected things may happen when electronic devices are involved. Measured® exams on tablets work even during WiFi outages and allow you swap devices mid-exam.

5 - Proven
We do not develop our software solutions only for external clients, but use them for our own exam services. Measured has stood the test of time - locally, nationally and internationally.

6 - Sustainable
Measured® is being developed and constantly optimized at the University of Bern in Switzerland as a non-profit initiative. Our team at the Institute of Medical Education is committed to offering innovative products and services on a sound technical and methodological basis.

7 - Secure
Good exam questions are a very valuable asset. Protecting your data is our top priority.

8 - Multilingual exams
Enter your exam questions concurrently in different languages and easily compare the content of questions and answers.

9 - Question types
Measured supports question types A and E, Kprim, Longmenu and Text questions, each in combination with various media.


Have we aroused your interest?

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