Digital check lists for oral and practical examinations - user-friendly, secure, robust

With EOSCE®, you can implement oral and practical exams entirely digitally – preparation, implementation and evaluation without paper. EOSCE® makes forgotten evaluations and retrospective corrections a thing of the past.

And the best thing is: Examiners love EOSCE® and the evaluation of candidates with iPads!

Eight good reasons for using EOSCE

1 - Excellent Data Quality
EOSCE® offers various visual aids in order to fill in your checklists correctly and efficiently. As a result, ratings are more reliable and missing items belong to the past.

2 - Network independence
You can save the entire exam on the tablets in advance, meaning that an exam can be conducted completely without a network connection. As soon as there is a connection, all data are regularly saved both on the device and on a server.

3 – User-friendly
EOSCE® was developed in close collaboration with examiners and is regularly tested and improved with respect to its user-friendliness, both in the usability laboratory and in real-life exams. Examiners find using iPads less stressful than handling paper checklists. Studies have confirmed that they strongly prefer using OSCE-Eval over paper and pencil checklists.

4 – Instant Data
Exam data is instantly available for analysis at the end of your exam. With EOSCE® you can skip all processing of paper checklists.

5 - Prepare Once
Easily run your prepared exams in the rooms of your choice, even in multiple locations simultaneously.

6 - Quality
Our products are built according to the highest engineering and usability practices and always with the end-user in mind. We are proud to say EOSCE® was entirely designed and developed in Switzerland.

7 - Proven in Practice
EOSCE® is regularly used in exams at multiple faculties in Switzerland and worldwide. The community of EOSCE® users is growing fast.

8 - Focus on Security
Your exam data is of great value. Security is a top priority for us. EOSCE® uses industry standard encryption technology to ensure data security.

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OSCE-Track gives you an overview of the exam process, meaning that you always know where you are with candidates and examiners.

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The iPad-App which your examiners use to make their evaluations. The most highly praised application that we have ever programmed!

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OSCE-Editor is the nerve centre of the EOSCE® system. Here, you can prepare your checklists and exams, determine where your data should be saved, and load the results onto your computer as soon as the exam is over.

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