In response to the call from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), we were comissioned to examin how relevant effects of interprofessional undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as interprofessional work practice, can be effectively, efficiently, and economically measured and evaluated in the health care system in Switzerland. To make these measurements possible a toolbox "swiss interprofessional evaluation instrument" (SIPEI) will be developed. 


Develop evaluation tools to assess interprofessional undergraduate and postgraduate education and professional practice in the framework of five work packages on behalf of the BAG.


Dr. phil. F. Wagner
Dr. med. Dr. phil. F. Neubauer
Prof. Dr. phil. S. Guttormsen
Dr. phil. A. Lörwald
Dr. med. J. Meng, MME
Dr. med. C. Bachmann
lic. phil. B. Zurbuchen
Prof Dr. Dr. med. S. Huwendiek, MME (main applicant)

Project information

Running time: 2017-2019

Funding program Interprofessionality in the health care system, annual report 2017 (details on the IML project, p. 10; in D)