The objective of the workshop was to bring together international experts from various institutions around Europe, with a particular focus and expertise on Scoping Reviews. As an applied frame of the project and the Workshop we used the ongoing research on a taxonomy of teaching methods.


The workshop had specific intentions to deliver learning outcomes to the invited participants as follows;

  • Explain the principles of scoping reviews and appropriate choice of review methodology
  • Understand the advantages and challenges of international collaborations in research for young researchers
  • Contribute to discussions of teaching methods, and critically evaluate synthesis approach
  • Appraise the role of consensus in scientific research, and when it is appropriate to use consensus methodology


This project was supported by the «Mittelbauvereinigung der Universität Bern (MVUB)».


Prof. JANUSZ JANCZUKOWICZ Head of Centre Medical Education, Vice Dean for Development of Education at the Medical University of Lodz, Poland

Dr CAROLIN SEHLBACH, PhD in Med Ed., School of health professions education (SHE) University of Maastricht, The Netherlands


Sharon Mitschell (PhD Candidate at the IML)
Prof. Sissel Guttormsen (Director IML)

Target group

Researchers applying Systematic Scoping reviews as a method; Medical Educators in general.


Submitted: A taxonomy of teaching methods and their use in health professions education: A Scoping Review Protocol. Authors: Sharon Mitchell, Carolin Sehlbach, Gregor Franssen, Janusz Janczukowicz, Sissel Guttormsen

Project information

Running time: 2022 - 2023