The conference was devoted to the theme of «Educating the future healthcare professional and the roles of the teacher». This meeting of experts has developed into the world’s largest conference on “Medical Education”. International experts on teaching in the healthcare and medical professions exchanged their ideas within scientific lectures, workshops, symposia and posters.

The participants from the IML presented current findings on various themes of teaching and assessment, which we have researched or developed within internal projects or in collaboration with our partners.

In total, 1 symposium, 2 pre-conference workshops, 1 workshop, 5 short communications and 3 posters were led, introduced and presented. 

The contributions illuminated important success factors, current trends and developments in medical education as well as clinical training. A further focus was on quality assurance, development and innovation in assessment for education and further training. The numerous contributions provided differentiated and diverse insights both for teaching and for assessment. You can find an overview of all contributions  here.

All participants had the opportunity to gather feedback from an international audience. «Exchanging views and information with an internationally recognized expert from the area of entrustable professional activities for an hour during the lunch break provided me with deeper insights than would be gained from reading research articles on the subject.» reported one IML participant of the conference.

MME program Bern and Examic® Tools

Central to our exhibitions were the MME program and the Examic® Assessment Suite. As a means of identification, past and present MME participants, graduates and MME lecturers wore a special button marked with «MME-Bern Making Connections». The idea behind this was to spark conversation with interested parties and answer their questions on the program. The button also helped MME Bern alumni, students and lecturers to identify each other and network. The next MME program begins in February 2020. The deadline for applications is 31st October 2019.

The exams of our partners and clients are processed worldwide with the Examic® software, which was especially developed by the IML. The offer encompasses the Measured® products for written exams and EOSCE® for oral and practical exams.

At the information stand, interested parties were able to test the tools and consult with Philippe Zimmermann, the Head of the Software Development, Usability Consulting and IT Infrastructure Unit (ASCII). Information about further services of the institute, such as exam support, E-learning or usability, was also provided here.

Examples of poster presentations

AMEE 2018