As one of the first skills labs in a German-speaking country and the first in Switzerland, the BiSS has been awarded the quality-mark of a certified skills lab. This confirms the high value placed on practical training for medical students in Bern and also recognises the high-quality work of the BiSS team.

The certification process

The certification process included a detailed report in which structural data on capacity utilisation, equipment and budget analysis was presented. For example, how the work of the BiSS is tailored to meet the needs of the medical students in Bern. In addition, the activities and qualifications of the scientific, technical-administrative employees and student assistants working in the BiSS was presented, as well as how the work in the BiSS is both science-led and also how the BiSS team actively contributes to teaching-learning research.

During a one-day site visit, the two appraisers mandated by the APF were able to generate their own impression and talk to representatives of various BiSS stakeholders. In this way faculty management and employees, as well as the teaching staff, simulation persons (SP) and, last but not least, the learning, instructed and examined students also had a voice and were able to provide their perspectives on infrastructure, programs and concepts.

The final reviewer report concluded that the «varied fields of activity of the BiSS in teaching (design of lessons, revision sessions) and formative and summative exams in the two-stage training courses [and the] high-stakes-federal examinations and as a teaching research institution - the BiSS is very professional, often in an exemplary manner at an international level» The SP-based communication training, development and use of modern medical models, the professional SP program and the interdisciplinarity of the BiSS are mentioned as positive examples. The efforts of the faculty over recent years are paying off here, efforts that also made possible the move of the BiSS from the Insekareal to the building in the former Zieglerspital in the first place. This made observations such as… «the teaching spaces and equipment infrastructure […] is well developed in accordance with the content profile and is currently appropriately staffed. The move to the UniZiegler location created excellent conditions for the OSCEs (be it university or final exams)» possible.

The appraisal team also made helpful and specific recommendations to the BiSS, which the relevant staff and teams will address so that a re-certification of the facility and the program in seven years can be looked forward to with confidence. Certification without conditions is always pleasing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved. Including the BiSS team, the AUM, those who were available for discussions on the day of the inspection and the appraisers themselves.