Delia Abbühl is pleased to be working in such an in-demand area: Whether she’s making design adjustments, maintaining the IML webshop or collaborating on various projects – she is motivated by the broad range of interesting tasks. She has been working at the IML since mid-August 2016.

What do you like about this job?
I chose this job because it’s so diverse. I can develop everything myself, from the brainstorming of ideas to the publication of a product. Nowadays, multimedia applications are part of everyday life, and I’m working in a very in-demand area here. Due to the diversity, I have very many opportunities for further training and can develop my skills in whatever direction is most enjoyable for me.

 What are you currently working on at the IML?
I’m working on several projects at the moment. The most important project is the website SOREL, which contains lots of information for the students regarding their subject matter. I’m responsible for adjusting the design in the code so that the website looks appealing and everything is positioned correctly. In addition, I deal with the IML webshop. I update the products and set everything up according to the requirements. There are always new logistics and purchase orders, which I record and carry out according to priority.

 What do you particularly like doing?
My favorite task at the moment is the design adjustments of SOREL. It isn’t always easy to modify the code accordingly, but these challenges enable me to educate myself further. The area of design appeals to me the most in this job and I’m learning a lot.

 How does the IML stand out as a training provider?
At the IML, there are lots of different projects, which can cover all areas of a mediamatician’s job. I have lots of variety, as there are always upcoming projects in the area of IT, design, video and normal office work.

What do you particularly like about your training at the IML?
My needs are taken seriously. If, for example, I want to deepen my skills in a program, the trainers share their experiences with me. That is really helpful.