For teaching and assessment, «the show» must always go on, regardless the circumstances. This often resulted in a need for double planning, online and onsite, still also in 2022.

Our focus on innovation and technical progress at the IML since many years, facilitated many still necessary transitions to blended learning and online assessment:

Our online Platform (Doccom.Deutsch) for Provider Patient communication, online learning videos for clinical examinations, and Medsurf and other eLearning resources proved to valuable both locally, nationally and internationally.
We optimised our assessment technology to also serve online home exams and gained valuable experiences.
An important highlight in 2022, a result of many years of development and experience, was the first fully electronic federal licencing exam for human medicine. At six sites more than 1300 students successfully completed their final exam on tablets – at the same time. The Examic software developed at IML stood the test.
In 2022, we also released Examic Valuatic, which is the next generation of our eOSCE tool. Valuatic meets requirements for flexibility in designing and running an OSCE exam, as well as other structured observation situations.
In research and development, we continued to explore new methods and technologies, always accompanied with research for evidence-based solutions: 25 journal publications and around 30 conference contributions document our research progress in 2022.

Being able to work and teach onsite again, other interesting projects could be implemented: A highlight, after building a simulated teaching pharmacy at the BiSS, was to start training with the pharmacy master students in communicating with patients/customers in this simulated pharmacy. This experience was well received, and the cooperation with the pharmacists in our faculty is enriching.

Study the past if you want to define the future (Confusius). In 2022 we also spent some time on a historical review of the IML and its historical perspectives, resulting in the IML as it is today. The preparation of the 50-year anniversary of the IML and the upcoming celebration in July 2023, has been an interesting journey. We look forward to sharing this work with you.

After the pandemic the IML team reported strain from the double burden of often having to plan teaching and services double, once for face to face, and once for a sudden shift to online. We know from media worldwide, that the swich back to the office was not such a natural development as expected. The pandemic changed habits and the freedom of working from home has many advantages. As a small contribution, and to support and rebuild workplace interaction and health promotion, in 2022 we started an initiative of organised and guided sport activities for the IML team in cooperation with Unisport. This turned out to be positive welcomed by the IML team and is still today a unique initiative at our university.

We hope you enjoy reading our annual report from 2022, and we appreciate staying in contact with you.


Sissel Guttormsen, Mai 2023

IML Annual Report 2022

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