Lukas Bieri completed his mediamatics apprenticeship at the IML in 2016. Besides the broad range of tasks, he particularly appreciated collaborating on film and video projects, graphics work and the good teamwork.

What do you like about this job?
I like its versatility. As the contact person for multimedia projects of all sizes and across different subject areas, a mediamatician has the opportunity to engage with knew things every day and to continuously develop his/her skills.

What did you work on at the IML?
I was engaged with a large number of different themes: 3D printing to improve skills simulations, print layout for internal and external marketing, design and development of websites such as the DocCom overview page. In addition, together with the person in charge, I modernized, and technically and optically revised the E-learning tool HemoSurf. Moreover, I collaborated in the production of SP training videos and in other video, animation and photo projects.

What did you particularly like doing?
Due to my personal interest in video and film, I found it great that I could collaborate in the realization of various video productions. Producing a short film with computer-animated special effects, as part of a conference contribution, was extremely interesting. In addition, I found it exciting that I was able to develop my skills in the area of 3D printing. But actually, I enjoyed all of the graphics work.

How does the IML stand out as a training provider?
I found it great that I was able to take on the most diverse of tasks as part of a motivated, creative and harmonious team. The mutual respect within the team, as well as the range of the tasks assigned to me, meant that I found the IML to be a really special training provider. I couldn’t have wished for a more versatile place in which to train.

What did you particularly like about your training at the IML?
It was nice to feel the enthusiasm and interest of my trainer for the profession. Combined with the diverse and interesting tasks in the area of multimedia, it motivated me to deepen my own skills and to develop new ones.