Exam development

The AAE is here to support you in the development of your exam concept: definition of learning goals and required competences, selection of exam methods and practical implementation. If desired, exams that have already been developed or implemented can be analyzed in terms of their measurement properties.

The department has many years of experience with numerous assessment formats to test

  • knowledge and problem-solving ability (Multiple Choice, short-answer questions, Script Concordance Test or structured oral examination),
  • practical skills (structured practical examination, OSCE),
  • competences that are deemed necessary to act in the authentic clinical setting (Mini-CEX, DOPS, MSF).


Are you responsible for the implementation of an exam and do you wish for support? We can advise you on all matters, from concept to evaluation. Get in touch with us, with no obligation.


Do you want to acquire know-how regarding exam methodology or the quality of your exams? We offer practical workshops that are attuned to your needs.


Formal revision

Unintentional solution hints (“cues”), superfluous information and linguistic deficits in exam tasks have a considerable deleterious impact on the test quality of an exam. The AAE proposes appropriate amendments.



High-quality translations are an important prerequisite to guarantee fair exams: Candidates with different native languages should have the same chances of success.


Written exams

Dr. med. Patrick Jucker-Kupper Head of Group Written assessment, e-assessment

+41 31 684 62 25
patrick.jucker (at) unibe.ch

Oral/practical exams

PD Dr. med. et MME Christoph Berendonk Head of Group Practical assessment, Deputy Head of AAE

+41 31 684 62 24
christoph.berendonk (at) unibe.ch