What requirements do exams need to fulfill in order to enable reliable and valid statements to be made about students’ competences? Which aspects need to be considered when developing a formative assessment concept? 

Our modular workshops address these and other questions. Our workshops are primarily targeted at the participants’ needs, and are based on practical experience and the latest findings.

Basic principles of assessment
This workshop tackles the essential steps of an exam – planning, implementation, evaluation. Which exam format can depict which competences? Why is a blueprint important? How can one set a meaningful pass mark? Which test-theoretical quality criteria have to be considered in an exam?

Written exams
In this workshop, with the help of practical exercises, you will develop specific know-how regarding structured written exams. Do you know the seven basic principles of good structured written exam questions? Do you know what needs to be considered when compiling and implementing written exams? How can solution hints be avoided? What needs to be taken into account when evaluating short-answer questions?

Structured oral / practical exams
In this practice-oriented workshop, you will get to know the basic principles of structured oral / practical exams. Which competences should be evaluated with these resource-intensive exams? What needs to be considered when compiling and implementing oral / practical exams? How is a pass mark set, and with which parameters can the quality of these exams be evaluated?

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