High-quality translations are an important prerequisite to guarantee fair exams: Candidates with different native languages should have the same chances of success. The original language of an exam task should not play a role in this regard.

Beyond linguistic-formal revision of exam tasks, we also provide medical translations. The IML works with highly specialized external translators in order to offer you the best possible formal and subject-specific quality of translations.

All translations are subject to careful copyediting. Depending on the difficulty and specialism, this work is carried out either internally and/or by linguistically skilled external subject experts.

So-called translation memories and technical glossaries help us to ensure the terminological consistency of your translations. In this way, you can be certain that a technical term is translated the same way in the same context – no matter how many people have been involved in the translation work over the years.

With Examic Measured®, the IML also provides you with a practical online tool with which to manage translation and copyediting orders for exam questions.

We currently offer translations in German, French and English.