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Do you want to evaluate your knowledge before an exam?
This self-assessment-application has been developed by the the IML in cooperation with the particular examination experts for the subjects following.

This self-assessment is not a learning aid!
The text examination you are going to complete shall give you feedback on your performance as repesentative as possible. Therefore there's no correct solution presented if you give an incorrect answer.

The Self-Assessment does u have reference character.
That means we don’t give a guarantee that the questions and their answers stored in the database are correct.

The questions are subject to a copyright license and may only be used within this exam application. Gathering and publishing is forbidden.

General terms and conditions

The self-assessment operator does not give any warranty on correctness and completeness of the questions, answers and evaluations displayed. The examination performance calculated by this self-assessment does not have a guaranteed prediction value on a corresponding real examination in this subject. The user commits to use the test examination only for personal purposes and not to spread the questions and evaluations.

Technical information

  • An interrupted exam can be continued if you open the self-assessment on the same computer and in the same internet browser.
  • In case of technical problems, please contact Important: We cannot provide any information regarding the contents of the exams.


Technical maintenance work will be carried out on the Self-Assessment Server on Thursday, 5.5.22 between 4 and 6 pm.

There may be brief interruptions to the application.