Usability consulting

With usability consulting, we accompany you in the project process – and beyond. The earlier we are on board, the better, as only in this way can we focus on the users from the very beginning.

Accompanying the design process

Increasingly, usability experts are called upon not only to perform a usability evaluation of (finished) products, but also to accompany the whole design cycle. This enables the development costs of a product to be reduced.

Good usability

  • is an argument for buyers
  • increases the efficiency of employees
  • minimises support measures

For these reasons, in many projects, considerations on usability are not a matter for the end of the project, but are rather relevant from the outset.

Accompanying you after project completion

We accompany you during the whole development process (and if necessary beyond): We actively support you, your employees and other project members with regard to requirements engineering, prototyping, interaction design as well as the evaluation of your product. In this respect, we are the advocates for future users, without losing sight of the other stakeholders: Our tasks include the compliance with technological and financial standards as well as the optimisation of usability.