Context analysis and specifications

In order to match the product to be developed precisely to your needs, a systematic analysis of the context of use is required.
We obtain goal-oriented results by applying various analytical methods.

To get to know the real needs of the users in a particular context, we come to your premises, observe the users at work, and then ask them questions. This ensures that the system really does what the users expect.

The results of this context analysis provide the foundation for the functional requirements of the system to be implemented, which we describe in a comprehensible manner and model accordingly.


We use this mixture of observation and interview in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the activities of the future users of your product. We learn about the goals and needs of the users and analyse their tasks and work processes to enable us to subsequently propose solutions to optimise your product.

By means of card sorting, we check and optimise the comprehensibility of the content as well as the underlying information architecture of your product. This ensures that you place your information where the users expect to find it.