Redesign and Prototyping

In order to consider the usability of your product as early in the development process as possible, thus preventing later and costly changes, we develop prototypes of the screen content.

These are the result of a synthesis of experience values and opinions of potential users. The degree of maturity of a prototype ranges from hand-drawn sketches to semi-functional applications, which can already be used to conduct effective usability tests.

Our prototypes not only encompass good usability, but also provide important hints regarding the concept, and primarily foster a mutual understanding of actual circumstances and ideal work processes.

Methods & modelling

Particularly in (web) projects whose broad area of application makes it difficult to answer the question of the primary target group, the creation of personas helps us to focus on the design, and to prioritise the requirements regarding the range of functions of a product accordingly.

With the help of rapid prototyping, we can try out concepts and ideas quickly and easily. The purpose of the visualisation is also to provide all involved project team members with a mutual reference point, thus ensuring that they “are speaking the same language”. The previously developed personas, scenarios or storyboards often serve as the starting point for the first drafts. Whether the concern is with a paper-based, video-based or even a semi-functional prototype, they always form the basis for the later development of your product.