Research and teaching

Thanks to our networks in the areas of research and teaching, we are an ideal project partner for innovation and research projects. The linking of service and research works reflects our experience in the academic field. The education of students or continued education programmes for personnel from administration and business requires us to constantly evolve. This aspect fosters the development of attractive solutions in a sustainable manner.

Research focus

How can one conceive of human-machine research?
Lab experiments, field tests, simulations, surveys and interviews are just some offshoots of our day-to-day research work. In terms of content, our focus is primarily on the conception and evaluation of interactive systems in the area of medical education: learning media, computer-based examinations, performance evaluation tools, etc. Different theories, requirements, learning goals and clients ensure variety, meaning that no two research activities are the same.

Research aim

As a metaphor, we see human and learning system in an Erlenmeyer flask: The chemistry between the two has to be right, and systematic research is necessary to achieve this goal. How can the interaction between human and machine be improved, learning success fostered, and the interface shaped in a more user-friendly, individual and secure way?


We want to share and pass on our knowledge. Therefore, we are committed to teaching, be it in the education of students at the University of Bern and the ETH Zurich or in continuing education programmes for personnel from public authorities and business.

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Felix Schmitz Psychologist, senior usability expert

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