About us

We are a small, interdisciplinary team within the Institute of Medical Education (IML). We have been offering usability services since 2005 and have worked on many very different projects for internal and external clients.

We work closely together with the software developers of the institute and support them in the user-friendly development of various applications (e.g. the Examic Assessment Suite). The U5 team is involved in the whole development cycle: conception, requirements engineering, design of mockups and prototypes, and user testing.

For our external clients, we provide a wide variety of services: We accompany some only at certain points (e.g. user testing, wireframes/mockups/prototypes), while we support others during the whole project phase, from start to finish.


Philippe Zimmermann

Unit director U5
zimmermann (at) ufive.unibe.ch

Philippe Zimmermann has been developing web applications and user interfaces in various functions for over 20 years. Since completing his doctorate at the ETH Zurich in the area of human-computer interaction, he has led the most diverse of research and service projects. Dr. Zimmermann is department head and teaches usability and HCI themes at various Swiss universities.

Stephan Schallenberger

Interaction designer, senior usability expert
schallenberger (at) ufive.unibe.ch

With many years of experience in the area of IT, and having completed the extra-occupational degree MAS in HCID, Stephan Schallenberger has been working in the U5 team since 2009. His technical and methodological understanding supports the team in designing innovative concepts.

Felix Schmitz

Psychologist, senior usability expert
schmitz (at) ufive.unibe.ch

Felix Schmitz studied media, perception and social psychology. He has been working in the U5 team since his graduation in spring 2009. As a psychologist, he brings with him methodological and statistical know-how, and enhances the team’s awareness of the user.

Rafael Beck

Software developer / user experience designer
beck (at) iml.unibe.ch

Rafael Beck joined the U5 team in May 2017. He has been working as a software developer for more than 10 years, partly as a self-employed person in his own company. He is currently completing the last year of a part-time Master of Advanced Studies in Human Computer Interaction Design. His focus is on user-centered design, design thinking and innovation. With his open mindset and creative approaches, he brings a breath of fresh air to the team.

Giovanni Ferrieri

Multimedia expert

Giovanni Ferrieri is responsible for moving images. Before coming to Switzerland, he worked as a video post-producer, head of camera direction and voice-over for Italian state television. With us, he has specialised in the production of documentary and instruction videos. The moving image is important in our moving profession.

Axel Hahn

Computer scientist, system administrator, developer

Axel Hahn is a computer scientist at our institute. His deployment in U5 projects starts where the usability experts’ technological understanding finishes. With his analytical acumen, he helps us to correctly evaluate technological risks and thus create investment security and long-term feasibility for our projects.