For successful patient treatment, physicians need to continuously update their subject knowledge even after their education. Besides institutional offers, this largely occurs on a self-guided basis. For instance, they consult scientific publications and other types of specialist articles in different, mostly digital formats – from static PDF to multimedia forms of presentation and highly interactive media (key term “Virtual Reality”). In this process, it is especially challenging to identify the relevant building blocks of knowledge, to retain them, and to apply them appropriately in practice.


This research project seeks to clarify how experts can be optimally supported in these individual learning processes through modern computer-based features. Learning as an active process presupposes that the experts delve deeply into the material, integrate new elements into existing cognitive structures, and adapt schemas accordingly. This implies that computer-based options should support the actual learning effort optimally; learning needs to be facilitated and sustainable. 


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Raabe, Specialist Physician FMH in Neurosurgery, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery, Bern University Hospital
Dr. Jodie Freeman, Department of Neurosurgery, Bern University Hospital


Prof. Dr. phil. Sissel Guttormsen
Dr. phil. Felix Schmitz
Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann

Project information

Running time: 2018 to present