She will hold the position of Member Liaison for the period of two years (January 2020 – December 2021). ASPE is an organization, that engages in providing an international network for the new field of human simulation. The organization develops “Standards of Best Practice”, opportunities for professional development and basics for certification in working with simulated participants  (SP).

ASPE is led by a «Board of Directors» composed of different elected positions. Dr. B. Brem will hold one of these positions as a Member Liaison, for the upcoming two years. Within the scope of this position she will be in charge of a research project exploring international perspectives on the current “Standards of Best Practice” in working with SP. In order to do this, she will interview partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania and Europe. The partners will be questioned concerning their current practice and guidelines concerning different areas in working with SPs (case development, training SPs, program management, professional development, safe work environment). The results of this research will be incorporated in the further development of working standards and practices.

This way the IML can tie it`s long-standing experience of many years in working with SPs in an international network, contributing to the development of international guidelines and help fostering the professionalization of the work with SPs. This involvement in an international network in turn strengthens the institutes competencies in training and continued education of health care providers.

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